Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Men of Cosmopolitan!

It's raining men every September! Uhh-yeah...or should I say it's storming men?!

We all know that the Cosmopolitan magazine every month of September every year launches a special magazine supplement featuring 69 hot, sexy, and gorgeous bachelors! This magazine is called Cosmomen and it's free every time you buy the September issue of Cosmopolitan mag.

Well did you able to complete the four hottest Cosmomen issues from 2007 to 2010?! If you were to ask me, I will proudly say: "yeah, I completed them already...! And they were now in my collection!" Hahaha! Bawal mainggit!

Hahaha...! But I'm generous! So for this special post, I will share with you the four covers of Cosmomen magazine from 2007 to 2010! Are you ready?! Here they go:

2010 - Sam Milby
"The Hunks with Wildlife!"

2009 - Gerald Anderson
"The Naughty Hot Hunks on Fire!"

2008 - Derek Ramsey
"The Hunks in Bathtubs!"

2007 - Dingdong Dantes
"The Naked Hunks in Wooden Forest!"

I first attracted to buy the Cosmomen issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in September 2007 when I saw the naked Dingdong Dantes as the cover hunk bachelor of the year! I grabbed a copy of it and that was the start of my Cosmopolian magazine collection!

Then in 2008, I also grabbed another copy of it. The hot Derek Ramsey was the 2008 Cover hunk of this magazine! I immediately bought it and include it in my collection! Oh yeah! By the way the yearly cover hunk of Cosmomen magazine is called Bachelor Centerfold!

Definitely in 2009 I immediately got a cover of Cosmomen! Yes, it's because my idol and my hunk type Gerald Anderson was the 2009 Cosmomen Bachelor Centerfold! He was really burning sooo very hot in the cover! Wow! Uhhh...Gerald...uhhh...!

And of course this year, Papa Sam Milby is the cover hunk bachelor of Cosmomen! Yeah, I have him already! The very first day of its launch, I was the first one to buy it! Haha! So flirty...! =)

Actually each year, there were new theme for the cover of Cosmomen! In 2007 the hunks were all in forest to have a shot! In 2008, the hunks were all in the bathtub that sizzles you in their wet and wild bodies! In 2009, the theme is burning so hot! It was all about the naughty boys in jail! Then now in 2010, the theme of the mag is all about wildlife! Yup, you will see your favorite hunks together with a wild animal on their sides!

So if I were to ask you, which of these four Cosmomen editions you love the most, which will you choose?! Will you prefer Dingdong, Derek, Gerald, or Sam?! If I were you, I will take them all! Haha...! So very flirting...!!! C",)

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