Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Nude Luis Alandy in Folio Magazine!

Now let's go to the second cover hunk of this special Folio Magazine from X-ray! It's now the turn of Luis Alandy!

If Joross Gamboa is really super hot, sexy, and yummy in the cover, what more Luis Alandy?!

Oh my, uhhh....!!! Luis Alandy is nude in the cover! Yeah, Luis is in his boldest! He's nude, he's naked, he's burlesk, he has no clothes! Awww...!!! It's really getting hot here! Supah dupah hot and sexy!

As you can see, Luis wears nothing! From top to bottom, it's exposed! He only covers his 'birdie' with his hands! Haha...!!! He is holding his 'private property'! Hey Luis, can you remove your hands from holding your 'birdie'! We want to see that, oh yeah!

Uhhh...Luis...uhhh...Luis...uhhhh...!!! We were reaching our climax because of you! Your naked body is really awesome! Ahhhh...ahhhh...!!! Show us more...more Luis...mooore...ahhhhhh...!!! We were getting arouse!

If you think this is the sexiest photo of Luis for this magazine, think again! Inside this mag, Luis show his butt! Yeah his sexy butt was exposed! But don't worry 'cause I will also share it with you! Uhhh...!!!

Well for now, take all your chance to see the naked Luis Alandy! Oops...did you see?! Some part of his pubic hair came out! Awww...uhhh Luis! Uhhhh...!!! C",)

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  1. hope you can post the pix from the folio



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