Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hottest Brazilian Hunks in One Movie Poster!

The hottest Brazilian hunk models namely Akihiro Sato, Daniel Matsunaga, and Fabio Ide were all combined in one big movie poster via their movie "D Survivor"! Ohhhh....!

Actually their Indie movie was shown last Summer. And it continually gives impact since for the first time, three hottest, sexiest, and yummiest Brazilian hunks were put together in this one big movie project! What more, their posters were really a great hit and most-browsed around the internet!

These three Brazilian hunks were really the dream of every one! They three were equally hot, sexy, steamy, and yummy! Their bodies were really a natural creation! Oh mine...soooh hot! We can't resist them! Katawan pa lang, ulam na ulam na...!!! Uhhh...yeah!

Have you imagine yourself trapped in one island and you're with these three hot guys?! What will you do?! I'm sure you will never wish to come home and live forever with these three very hot guys!! Akihiro, Daniel, and we all wish to take them home...!!! Uhhhhh....! C",)


  1. u sure they are brazilian they look like filipinos to me ?!

  2. Yup, very, very sure that they were all Brazilian! C",)



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