Monday, August 2, 2010

A Beautiful Andi Eigenmann in the Cover of Preview Magazine!

"Agua Bendita" graces the cover of this August 2010 Preview Magazine! This time, she is not anymore in water form, but a total beautiful woman form!

It seems that a girl is now turned into a beautiful lady! This promising teenager star is so beautiful in the cover! Her looks, her overall aura and fashion statement in this magazine is very pretty!

If in her hit fantaserye "Agua Bendita" she is blue since she is in water form, in this magazine she is brown! A brown beautiful lady...! Her brown image blends with the brown background of her surroundings! If she's a 'brown lady', then what is she?! How can we call her?!

It's a fashion over fashion edition of this Preview Magazine this August! Besides Andi, we will still discover other more stars that conquer the fashion world! And of course, learn more tips and tricks about fashion with this current issue!

Well I'm sure, Agua and Bendita's suitors Ronnie (Matteo Guidiceili) and Paco (Jason Abalos) will definitely grab a copy of this mag! Nice one Andi! C",)

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