Saturday, August 21, 2010

A 'True Blooded' Naked Hot Cover of a Magazine!

This is the latest cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine which features the love triangle of the hit series "True Blood"! Alexander Skarsgard (left), Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (right) were these three controversial love triangle cast of the hit HBO TV series called "True Blood"!

Just like the title of their TV series suggest, they were all bloody! They were hot, sexy, and undead!

All of them were nude and sexy! But are you not afraid on them? Well maybe for those people having a phobia on blood, definitely they were really get afraid! But for those people who were 'flesh addicts', they were truly love it! They were really ask for more...more bodies...more exposure of private parts! Oh! Like it....!

This latest cover of Rolling Stone magazine is really a great work of art! It captures the senses and desires of readers! Our innermost feelings arouse! Great!

I don't know where to buy this magazine. I keep on looking for the different bookstores and magazine stands to search for this latest edition but I couldn't find any! So sad! I really tempted to buy this one! Haha...! I just got curious!

How about you? What did you feel seeing this very sexy naked magazine cover?! Do we feel the same?! It's soooh hot and tempting! I wouldn't afraid of them...! Rather, I would like to join them! Uhhh...! C",)

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