Saturday, August 21, 2010

Healthy and Sexy Looking Guy Enchong Dee in Health Today Mag!

Enchong Dee still looking very hot and sexy in this cover of Health Today magazine for the month of August 2010!

Though he is wearing a polo and wholesome looking, you can still feel the hotness and sexiness in this one of the hottest hunk young star today! He is oozing with charm! His looks can really seduce you!

His open polo magnetizes every one's eyes! It truly attracts and captivates us! In his open cloth, you can still see his sexy abs, his alluring sexiness in his upper body! Ohh-lala...!

Enchong truly fits this magazine cover! He's healthy and sexy! In this edition of this magazine, we will know more about Enchong's healthy habits! With the banner story of "Why He Keeps Moving", definitely we will learn many things about Enchong in maintaining his sexiness and wellness! Enchong is really a sports-minded and a health conscious guy!

Oh Enchong, oh're so yummy and seductive! Can you take off that white polo?! Uhhh....! With his role in "Magkaribal" showing him more in topless, he definitely completes our nights and put it in ultimate hotness! It's really a fire in a cold nights! Enchong! C",)

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