Friday, August 27, 2010

Three Hottest Youngsters!

Ohhh soo hot and yummies! As they say, "kanin na lang and kulang..."! Uhhh yeah! Triple hotties in one portrait! Awwww...!

Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, and Rodjun Cruz...who's the hottest between these three young guys! Or you want to take them both!

Definitely, the Golden Boy and the Prince of Philippine Movie and TV Mr. Gerald Anderson is the brightest and the sexiest young hunk today! But I was got surprised seeing the new Rayver Cruz! Yeah Rayver now possesses a very hot and yummy body! He now got a tempting abs and muscles!

What more, I even got surprised with Rayver's brother Rodjun Cruz! He is even more hotter and sexier than his brother Rayver! He's very yummy and seductive! Actually, I was looking and searching for the name of the hunk who is playing the role of Calvin, the friend of Enchong Dee in the hit TV series "Magkaribal"! And I was got surprised that he is Rodjun Cruz, the brother of Rayver! And he is twice as yummy as his brother! He is more seductive and sexier! Ohh-lala...!

And now all were very glad to see all these three hot young hunks together in one picture! Gerald, Eayver, and Rodjun...who's your choice?! Uhhhh...uhhhh....ahhhhh....triple hotness in one! They were irresistible! Ohhhhhh....yeah!!! Can we request to take you all out?! Thrice the rise of temperature, thrice the fun, thrice the orgasm, thrice the climax....hotness times three! Uhhh...! C",)

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