Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Younger Looking and Wholesome Diet in Garage Mag!

Shirtless and wrapped with clothes, the hunk heartthrob Diether Ocampo still looks sexy, daring, and tempting in the August 2010 issue of Chalk Magazine!

Besides looking so hot and sexy, Diet is still looking young! Though Diether is already in his early 30's, in this mag Diether still looks young and fresh! Cool! He really looks ageless!

Under his shirt, his muscular steamy body can still figure out! He's irresistibly tempting! Too hot to handle Diet though wholesome! I don't know what's the magnet of this guy that everyone keeps an eye on him! His face is handsome while his body is hot and sexy! What more can he ask! In fact, Diether Ocampo is one of the actor who got a perfect sexy body! Awwww...!

And talking about the magazine, in this edition, we will learn how to have a model's body! Then more features will tackle different IN-style fashion statement!

Hmmm...can we see a topless Diether Ocampo inside this mag?! Will a naked body of Diet be seen inside?! Well, it's for us to find out when we a grab a copy of it! Hot, hot, hot Diet! Idol! Your body let everybody salivating! Uhhh...It's another hotness on the highest level!!! C",)

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