Friday, August 27, 2010

A Very Hot Korean Star!

He is first known a Johny in the hit Koreanovela called "Endless Love" which aired on Primetime last 2003. Now he is back as Dong-Chul in the heavy-drama and action-filled Korean series "East of Eden"!

Song Seung Heon now captivates the hearts of many viewers because of his roles as Johny before and Dong-Chul now! But most of all, everybody really loves his body! Ohh-yeah...!

Song Seung Heon is very, very hot and sexy in his latest "East of Eden"! He is a dirty-sexy looking guy in this soap! He is so yummy! He got a very seductive body! Uhhhh....!!!

In his previous role as Johny in "Endless Love (Autumn in My Heart)", we didn't expect that Song Seung Heon owns a body like god! What is first seen on him is his handsome looks! He looks like a neat nice boy-next door type of guy in a corporate world! But now look at him, so gorgeous and hot!

Ohhhh...yeahhh...uhhhhh....ahhhhh...!! His body is so steamy! By just looking at him, you will really get hot! We eventually reach the peak of our desire! The climax will be unexpectedly reach! Uhhhh...Song Seung Heon...take more clothes! C",)

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