Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yummier Than Tuna Derek Ramsey!

Definitely right! Derek Ramsey is really, really yummier than the tuna he endorses! Ohhh...Derek...uhhh...saraappp...ahh!

Still, this very hot billboard of the universal leading man Mr. Derek Ramsey is seen on the different roads, MRT stations, or magazine ads! Derek Ramsey is one of the hottest endorser today of the Century Tuna. He is the male representative of the Century Tuna Super bod!

His very hot, sexy, steamy, and tempting body is exposed in this billboard as he appears shirtless! Sculpted muscles, chest, abs, and biceps really caught the eyes of many! Hot, hot, hot...he's hotter and much spicier than the Century Tuna he is holding! Wooohhhh.....!!!!

On this Derek's image, "katawan pa lang ulam na ulam na...!" He's so healthy, fit, and uhhh soooh yummy! We can't resist him! Overrr...!!!

Maybe consumers will not buy the tuna Derek is endorsing. Rather, they will buy the yummiest and the hottest endorser of it! If they bought the endorser, definitely no more hunger on earth! Everybody will really becomes healthy! It's Derek and Derek everyday! Derek is not only a food for the stomach, heart, mind, or lower body...but a food to our whole body and soul!

Oh Derek...oh Derek...everybody's undergarment will really fall because of your ultimate sexiness, hotness, and yumminess! People will really beg to take you out! Uhhhh...yeah....uuhhhhhh...!!! More Derek...more Derek...moooore...uhhhh!!! C",)

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