Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Golden Hot Hunk Billboard!

Ohhh sizzling gold!

Do you still remember this golden billboard of the ultimate hunk and leading man Mr. Piolo Pascual for the Bench gold campaign?!

If I'm not mistaken, this said billboard was launched in year 2008. This is another brand of jeans of the said clothing line!

Papa Piolo is so hot in this billboard! Everybody really loves his naked abs. It's extremely hot and it sizzles! How I wish I could also own a very sexy abs like Piolo! Uhhh...

Papa Piolo's upper attire and his complexion blended well with the yellow or gold background of the billboard! He's so quiet and serious in this image. But besides this quiet look, it seems like he is seducing us! Ohhh...lala...!

This is another hot and remarkable billboard of Piolo Pascual for Bench! Almost all of his OJ or Bench jeans billboards were ultimately hot and seductive! We really, really, really can't resist his ultimate hotness! Ahhh....! C",)

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