Friday, August 6, 2010

With Wealth and Beauty Angel Locsin in the Mod Magazine!

It's all about money matters in this August 2010 issue of MOD Magazine! But more than that, their cover for this edition really symbolizes money, wealth, and beauty! It's the young superstar and this year's FHM Sexiest Woman in the World, Ms. Angel Locsin!

Angel really fits this month's issue of MOD. It's money and beauty combined! As we all know, MOD magazine is a lifestyle and fashion mag that gives different beauty tips and healthy way of living in elegance. But for this month, they focused on money matters and money-wise living! Then why did I say that Ms. Angel fits for this mag?

First of all, Angel symbolizes beauty and fitness! We can't deny that Angel is the most beautiful actress today. She is a lady with complete package - beautiful face, sexy body, and a kind heart! Just like the major theme of this magazine that focuses on beauty and fashion!

And of course their topic for this month which is money truly represents Angel. Yup, Angel in her young age now knows how to invest and put all her money for good! She has now her own bar that bears an income, a talent in fashion designing that could give her more profits, and other more investments that really lift this young actress. On this mag, we can expect that Angel can share us other more money-making tips and using money wisely!

Other topics that may give you more interest include “Best Tips for Your Wallet’s Health”, “20 Ritzy, Classy Dresses this Season”, “Young and Already a Millionaire” and many more hot stuffs!

I really admire and salute this very beautiful and sexy young actress! She has everything that keeps her star shines the brightest! Good luck and more power to you Ms. Angel Locsin! Keep it up! C",)

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