Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jake With the Deejays!

Hot hunk actor-model Jake Cuenca is joined by the Deejays Andi9 and Jessica of Magic 89.9 in the August 2010 cover of Meg Magazine!

On this magazine cover, we cannot recognize that Jake Cuenca is a sexy hot hunk model! It's because his looks here in this magazine is very wholesome! Actually, he really looks like a teenager here! He's like a teen heartthrob with captivating eyes!

Complementing the wholesome image of Jake Cuenca in this latest magazine are the two beautiful deejays of Magic 89.9 radio station! Since two deejays were in the cover, expect now what's this month's major topic of this magazine! Yup, it' more about chart-toppers!

See it's more on music! But besides the main feature, other more interesting topics include “How to be the next big thing in music,” “Talk Points: A hard look at teen beating,” “310+ must-have add-ons,” “Country Dressing,” and “Pop + Fashion”! Still a musical theme ha!

Hmmm...will Jake Cuenca shows his musical side in this magazine's issue?! What more will he shows?! Sounds naughty! Haha...!!! Let see! C",)

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