Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oozing Hot and Yummy Zanjoe Marudo!

Ohhh sooo hot and yummy like a 'hot pandesal'! Oh Zanjoe...ohh Zanjoe...uhhhh!!!

This is how this very sexy in-demand leading man today Mr. Zanjoe Marudo looks like in this image! His body...oh his body...his body is like a god! It's so yummy and tempting!

Zanjoe's body in this image is wet and wild! I'm thinking of a hot pandesal with butter in this image! It seems that your finger will be burning so hot when you try to touch some parts of this sexy bod! Ohhh...yeah!

Zanjoe is very, very, very hot today! Besides his body, his career is also very hot! Every night on Primetime Bida, we all see a Jaime Reyes in Martha Cecilia's series "Kristine"! Then this coming September, his new movie called "Sa'yo Lamang" will be shown! He is also became part of the gag show "Banana Split"! And every Sunday, we can sing and dance with him in ASAP XV!

See how hot Zanjoe Marudo is! He's really great! In terms of body, skills, and career, Zanjoe is truly a super sexy hot! He's a one sizzling 'papa' everyone is dreaming of! So seductive!

Ohh Zanjoe...ohhh Zanjoe....uhhhhh....uhhhh...! Ahhh...ahhhh...our temperature is really rising because of you! More...mooore...ohhhh...ohhh...yeahhhh!!! C",)

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