Saturday, August 7, 2010

Akihiro Sato...'In The Details' Billboard!

This is the latest billboard of this hottest Brazilian model Akihiro Sato posted along EDSA Balintawak!

"In The Details" is the current theme of Penshoppe Billboard. All their models have their own solo billboards with an " the details" tag. And this is the Akihiro Sato's billboard!

So yellow! Yup, the background of this Akihiro's billboard is a dark yellow! Blended with this yummy Brazilian model, the billboard looks hotter! It's hotter than the sun!

Akihiro is one of he hottest and yummiest model today. Since he's not Filipino, Pinoy really love him! He got a Filipino look and a body like god! He is defintely a hot sex symbol! Uhhhh...!

Semi-topless in this billboard, Akihiro truly captivates the eye of any person passing by his billboard. Though this billboard was placed on the very top part of the road, people keep looking up higher just to see his perfect abs and upper body!

Oh Akihiro you're so hot! We can't resist you! So tempting...! I like his tattoo on the side of his hot body! It ads more temptation and libido!

Akihiro...oh everybody wishes to take you out! You're definitely one of the hottest foreign guy dream of many! What if you turn off that polo? C",)

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