Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brighter Than The Day Sam Milby's F&H Billboards!

Yup, our day will really get brighter and better as we see this Sam Mllby's Folded and Hung Billboards!

These billboards were two of the hottest billboards of Sam which were released April of this year. Though these were part of their 2010 summer campaign and not anymore posted on EDSA or in major roads, still we can see these photos on some of the Folded and Hung stores. Yup, and we can't really got tired of viewing these! Sooohhh hotter than the summer!

Actually many people really love to see these billboards! Sam Milby is truly a perfect endorser of it! He got a very sexy and too yummy body! Of course he also got a very good looks! Sam Milby could represent everyone's dream of a man termed as tall, dark, and handsome! But there's more on this description for Sam! Hot, sexy, steamy, yummy...!!! Ohhh!

If you will ask me if who is my favorite male artist and model, I will proudly say that Sam Milby is in the top of my list! Sam is a complete package! He is good looking, sexy and very hot, and of course blessed with talent! He could act and sing at the same time! Great, great Sam Milby! You're really my idol!

Sam, Sam, ohhhh Sam...! You're really the dream of everyone! Uhhh...yeah....more Sammmm...ahhh!! Ohhh...!!! C",)

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