Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Fresh and Wholesome Richard Gutierrez in Bench Green Tee

So fresh, so green, so wholesome and handsome Richard Gutierrez in this Bench Green Tee billboard!

This is one of the two Richard Gutierrez billboards for Bench Green Tee. I'll show you the other one later on. The said billboards were posted months ago along EDSA Buendia!

Richard Gutierrez is so perfect for this billboard. First of course because he's the Greenpeace Advocate! He is promoting nature and the green environment. And he is already seen hosting the different environmental TV documentary! Bench got a perfect endorser for their Green campaign!

Talking about this billboard, Richard is so fresh and cute! His very fresh aura in this billboard blends with the theme of Green Tee! The color of his clothes and his hut perfectly blends the green environment background of the billboard! So relaxing for the human eye! =)

Richard didn't need to expose more skins to attract the eye of the people! He's already handsome! His looks will definitely captivates the heart and attention of everyone! So nice and beautiful Richard! We're not feeling tired seeing this relaxing billboard! Great! C",)

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