Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sizzling Yummy Naked Billboards of MIchael Trevino for Bench Body!

Sh*t...these are the billboards which really captivate my senses! "Punyet*...wala siyang kasing-sarap!" "Gustong-gusto ko na siyang ikama!" "Churvahin mo na kooohhh please...!!!"
Tell me, who will not feel arouse seeing this almost nude billboards of "The Vampire Diaries" hunk actor Michael Trevino?! "Puncha, bato na lang ang hindi titigasan!" '

And take note, he even got a big bulge! His 'birdie' is so big! "Dakota...bakat na bakat!" "Mapapamura ka talaga sa sarap....!!!"

Let's go, let's take a glance now to the Bench Body billboards of Michael Trevino! "Tara, silipan na natin siya...!!!"

Aaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh...."sige pa...sige pa...sige paaaahhhh....!!!" "Tirahin mo na ako Michael....aaaaahhhh...ang sarap...!!!"

"Talagang titirik ang mata mo sa sobrang sarap niya!" "At kanina pa talaga tirik na tirik ang alaga niya...!!!"  Oooooohhhh....

I really want to take home this guy! If he's really a vampire, "magpapakagat talaga ako sa kanya!"  And yes, "kakagatin ko din at ilulunok  ang alaga niya ng bonggang-bongga...!!!" "Aaaaaahhhhng saraaaapppp...!!!"

Michael...Michael...Michael....c'mon and f*ck me in my bed...ooooooohhhh!!! c",)


  1. Damn I want him inside me!!!!

  2. I really want him to fuck me.

  3. Bite me please.!♡♥♡♥



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