Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway Steamy EW Cover!

It's so very hot, hot, hot in the cover of the Entertainment Weekly or EW magazine! Two of the hottest Hollywood stars were nude in the cover of the said magazine.

The sexy hot hunk actor Jake Gyllenhaal and the sweet actress Anne Hathaway posed nude in the cover of EW. And take note, it's not once, but thrice! Yeah, they have three nude magazine covers for EW. And I will share it with you.

Take a look, feel hot, and fantasize these three hot Entertainment Weekly magazine covers. Here they go:

Look at them, they were totally half-naked. Jake is hugging Anne to cover her bumper. Oh, how lucky Anne is! How I wish we are Anne hugged by a sexy yummy actor Jake!

I like the body of Jake! It's not only sexy and yummy, but hairy at the same time! Ooh-lala...ang sarap ah! How would I feel if Jake would hug me the way he did to Anne?!! "Gaano ka kaya kagaling sa kama...?!"

I really love his chest. I want to kiss and lick it! Oh my Jake, can we have a one night stand?! I want to hug you too tight and kiss that hairy chest! Aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhh....I can easily reach my climax because of you Jake Gyllenhaal! "Dibdib pa lang ulam na...!" Aaahhhh...!!! c",)

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