Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Hot, Wet, and Wild Temptation of Paolo Avelino!

Who wants to go fishing?! Who wants to taste the yumminess and hotness of the sea?!

Me, me, me...I want! I want to have fishing in the sea with Paolo Avelino! The coldness of sea water will eventually turn into a very hot warm water because of Paolo!

Yeah, this is the Return to Temptation billboard of the hunk model actor and former Starstruck Avenger Mr. Piolo Avelino! It seems like he will go fishing as he is holding a big net while wearing only a brief! Oh my, oh my he is very hot! He is wearing a brief...!!!! Aaaahhhhh...."ang sarap"!

Gosh Abelgosh...look at his 'glory'! "Bakat na bakat...ang laki!" It's bigger than a big fish! Ooooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...I love to swim with him! I love his yummy body! His abs is really daring! Aaaaaaahhhhh...aaaaaahhhhhh...Paoloooooooohhhhhh...Paoloooooohhhhhh... gawin na'tin sa dagat!

Paolo is now getting sexier and sexier! His body is awesome! It's truly a pantry drooling! Paoloooooohhhhh....Paoloooohhhhh....ang sarap-sarap moooohhhh....ooohhhhh! LJ Reyes is very lucky to have this guy! She's right! "Kung ako man kay LJ, magpapabuntis talaga ako dito kay Paolooohhh!!! And I will always have a sex with him every night, every day, every minute, every second! "Tulog lang ang pahinga"!!!! Paolooooohhhhhhh....!!!! c",)

1 comment:

  1. wanna suck, lick, give hi handjobs and blowjobs all day. i want to see his real dick



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