Monday, March 7, 2011

Piolo Pascual's Men's Health Cover Photo Shoot!

Soooh hot and sexy! That is the ultimate heartthrob and leading man, Mr. Piolo Pascual!

Last year, he became the cover hunk of the Men's Health Philippines magazine. And on the said mag, Papa Piolo really shows his sexy body and six pack abs! Ooh-lala! He's so yummy! He's truly a panty drooling! "Ang sarap-sarap"!

I have here with you a quick video clip of Papa Piolo Pascual's Men's Health cover photo shoot! Let's see how he prepares his sizzling hot body for the sexy cover! Let's have a 'quicky' with Papa PJ! Ooohhh...ohhhh...ohhhhh...Piolooooohhhhhh....!!!

I know you truly can't resist his hotness! Just like me, my keyboard and my fingers now are burning so hot because of him! Aaaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhhh....and I can immediately reach my climax because of his hotnesss!!!! Ooohhhhh....!!!!

So, let's feed more our fantasies with some more hot photos of Papa P. taken from his pictorial! Here they go:

Piolo...Piolo....Piolooooooohhhhhh....!!! I am now getting crazy over you! Aaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhh....aaaaaahhhhh....ang sarap-sarap mooohhhh....!

Yeah, Piolo is truly the hottest guy in showbiz today! He's hotness can really drive you crazy and can pull your underwear down! Ooohhhh...ohhhhh...Piolooooohhhhh...take off your pants...!!!!

KC Concepcion is very lucky to have him! Aaaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhhh...Pioloooohhhh....!!!! Someday, I dare you....he will be mine...ooohhhh...mine!!!!!

It seems that I really want to have a one, two, three, and nth night stand with him! you imagine how aggressive Papa Piolo in bed is?! "Sobrang galing nya daw sa kama...!" it! c",)

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