Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Passion and Temptation of Zanjoe Marudo!

Termed as the "Prince of Passion" in the world of TV series, the Kapamilya hunk actor Mr. Zanjoe Marudo also have a billboard for the latest campaign of Bench called "Return to Temptation".

Papa Zanjoe got two billboards for this campaign. One is very wholesome since he is wrapped with clothes while the other one is half-naked since he is topless and wears only jeans.

Well, let's first see these two billboards of Papa Zanjoe for Bench. Here they go:

Even though wrapped with clothes, the hotness and sexiness of Papa Zanjoe is still exposed! Yup, "bakat na bakat pa din ang mga masasarap niyang muscles kahit naka-damit...!"

I love his balbas and bigote, pandagdag sarap! "Nakaka-kiliti! Hmmm...it seems that you can easily reach your climax because of these masarap na balbas at bigote ni Papa Zanjoe! Ooohhhhh....Ooohhhhh...!!!!

On his other billboard, aaaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhh...heto na...heto naaaaahhhhh..... Ang sarap-sarap Zanjoe....sige pa...sige pa....aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! He is half-naked in his other billboard! As you can see, his sexy yummy body is exposed! Aaaaaaahhhhh...!!! Ibaba mo..ibaba mo Zanjoe...aaahhhhh...ibaba mo ang pantalon mo...uuuhhhhhh...!!!

Sarap na sarap talaga ako sa chest at abs mo Papa Zanjoe...!!! Lalaking-lalaki! Aaaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhh...!!! Oh Zanjoe, Oh Zanjoe...Zanjoooooohhhhh...!!! Ang sarap mong i-kama!

Zanjoe Marudo will also star in the next ABS-CBN TV series, "Hiyas". In this new teleserye, more nude and naked Zanjoe marudo will be seen! Uuuuhhhhh...I can't wait and see..!!!

Zanjoe...Zanjoe...Zanjoooohhhh...come with me! I wanna touch and taste your own 'hiyas'! Aaaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhhh...!!!! Zanjoe is truly a very, very hot and yummy guy whom I want to sex with! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh....!!!! c",)

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