Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sexy Phil Younghusband in Hanford Underwear Series!

Who wants to see the AZKALS' hottest member Phil Younghusband in underwear?! Me, me, me, and WE...!!!! We want Phil, we want Phil!!

Before being one of the hottest AZKALS member, the cute and handsome hunk Phil Younghusband already endorses different clothing brand. And one of these is the Handford underwear! Yeah, yeah, yeah, Papa Phil already had many different billboards in Handford!

Let's feed our fantasies with some of Papa Phil's billboards for Handford undwear series! This is called Handford Ice which shows different underwear for men! Here they go:

Hahaha! Papa Phil Younghusband is very wholesome here! "Konting bitin muna guys. Tiisin muna ang pananabik!" On my next post, I will share with you the naked body of Papa Phil! Ooh-lala!

In these billboards, Papa Phil is wearing different undergarments like t-shirts, briefs, and boxing shorts. "Sayang hindi pa naka-topless si Papa Phil!" But it's ok, he's cute naman eh! Hehe!

Do you wonder why it is called Handford Ice?! Well, it's because, the colors of the underwear were all light and neon! So relaxing to the eyes! What more, seeing Papa Phil!

Phil, Phil, Phil...will you be my husband?! Ooohhhh...he's so yummy! Love him! If I were Angel Locsin (which is talaga namang ako!), papatulan ko na'tong si Papa Phil! Go...go...go! We will play 'soccer' all night long...I mean I will play his 'ball' all night long! Uhhhh....!!!! c",)

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