Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wholesome Temptation of Richard Gutierrez and Dingdong Dantes!

Richard Gutierrez

Dingdong Dantes

I wonder why these two top Kapuso hunk actors were very wholesome in their Bench Return to Temptation Billboard. We all know that they were both hot, sexy, daring, and yummy, but why did they decided to wrap their bodies with clothes rather than exposed their hotness?!

Oh, we're so disappointed! We are expecting too much from these two 'masarap' guys! We are imagining that they will appear half-naked in their temptation. billboards Specially Papa Dingdong Dantes, we already saw his different billboards posted before in EDSA Guadalupe wherein he almost show his 'bird'! He only wore brief and totally naked with a very seductive position!

Look at them now, very, very wholesome! But even though they were wholesome, their looks were very seductive! "Sa Kanilang mga tingin pa lang...mag-iinit ka na!" Their faces were all seductive, lalo na si Papa Dong..oooohhhh...!!!

Well, even though they were wrapped with clothes in their billboards, in my eyes and in our minds, they were both naked! Hahaha..."hubad na hubad kayo sa aming mga pantasya...!" And both of you are with me in bed...ooooohhhh...sarap.... having a three-some! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhhh..Dong...Dong...
Doooohhhhhng...Chard...Chard...Chaaaaahhhhhrddd...!!!! Aaahhhhh.... c",)

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