Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Heartthrob Temptation of Gerald Anderson!

Could it be I'm falling in love?! Catch me Gerald, I'm falling in love with you! Ooh-lala!

These are some of the billboards of the Action Drama Prince and the Golden Boy Mr. Gerald Anderson for Bench Return to Temptation!

Unlike the other hunk men who posed nude or half-naked for the said Bench theme, Gerald Anderson is very wholesome! He is wrapped with clothes! He seems so young and innocent in these billboards!

Though not nude or topless, Gerald really depicts his heartthrob appeal! Seeing him, you will truly fall in love with him the way he did to me! Oohhh!!!!

Well, let's fall in love over and over again with Papa Gerald Anderson with his more behind the scene photos for Bench Return to Temptation. Here are some:

Oh his face...his face...his face is so lovely! Very cute and handsome! I like to kiss it! My heart is now falling...falling...falling in love because of you Papa Gerald!

Gerald Anderson is my dream boyfriend! He is my prospect! What more do you need on him...he got it all for you! He is a complete package! He got a handsome cute face and a perfect hot sexy yummy body! What more can we ask?! Oh Gerald, Gerald, Gerald...can I have you now?!

Though Papa Geh is not nude here, still he can captivate our hearts! I want to kiss your lovely face! Even though your wholesome here, you still have a very strong appeal! Catch me, catch me, catch heart and my panty are falling! Hehehe....!!!!

Aside from his many different endorsements and billboards, Papa Gerald Anderson is currently starred in the latest Star Cinema movie called "Catch Me...I'm Falling In Love" together with the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo! "Gosh Abelgosh...Ang swerte mo naman Sarah! Nahawakan mo na ang nagsasarapan at nagtitigasang abs at katawan ni Papa Gerald"! Ooohhhh...If I were you, I will take home Gerald! Let's go Papa Geh, let's have fun together in my bed! c",)

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