Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Worst is the Best!

This post brought to you by Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyday, we always make sure that our cubicle or workstation is always neat, fresh and clean! We always put things on their respective proper places! Some even put decorations on their workstation!

Almost all of us hate to see or work in a dirty or messy cubicle. But did you know that there is luck in this messy or worst work station you are hating on?!

Yeah, definitely, there is a money on dirt! And for those who were really lazy of cleaning their cubes, you will truly love this!

Pimp My Cube is searching for the worst, most pathetic and messy cubicle or office that may have bad furniture, old technology, messy, unorganized, noisy, dirty, dark and/or any other attributes that make it a bad space to work in.

They are looking for people who can upload a video showing their cube/office/workspace while they explain the details about why it is horrible and why it is so important that Contest Factory come in and ‘Pimp’ their cube.

Afterwards, once your video was already entered, time now to invite your friends, family and coworkers to vote for your video. Yes, yes, yes...invite them in many ways just like campaigning for your video for you to win! Cool!

And not only that! You will get sweepstakes entry points for registering, voting, commenting and inviting others to register for the contest. It's such that give and take! Great!

The grand prize of your cube being ‘pimped’ will be selected by CF judges based on various criteria including for the most votes, best (really worst) video and most compelling story.

The Pimp My Cube Contest  has a total grand prize value of approximately $1200.

Prize is to update your office/workspace/cube with one of three prize packages namely: new high end computer system; new desk, chair and decorations; and new Entertainment package with high end stereo, espresso machine etc.

Right now no one has uploaded a video so the chances of winning are very good!

It is so easy to upload video to the site to enter from your phone or webcam.

Video should be fun and witty – anything goes!! The better the story, the funnier the video therefore better chances of winning.

A second sweepstakes prize of a $200 gift card will be awarded to the registered user chosen by random drawing at the end of the contest period.

I'm sure you are still wondering how it will run!  Well, here is a video clip pertaining to the said contest. Let's all watch this:

The contest period is from 12/5/11 at 12:00PM to 1/31/12 at 12:00PM.

So what you are waiting for?! Join now! The steps are easy as one, two, three! Visit the PMC site, register and upload your videos to enter in the contest. Once you video is approved,  encourage your friends and family to vote on your video to enhance your chances of winning! Great! It's so exciting

What more are you looking for?! Start making your workstation messy, think of the story about it why it became as such, get a video of it, upload the video, and go campaigning for your video! It's so easy right?! It's just like playing while working! And the best thing is, you can win from it! They always say that it's hard to find money or even a centavo on trash or garbage, but this time, you will be the one to break this rule!  So, what are you waiting for, go on and make your cube messy! And release the creativity in you for you to win! Good luck! Hope you will be the luck one! Go, go, go...!!!  c",)

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