Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hunkier Jake Cuenca in Bench OJ Blackwash

Everybody really got hooked seeing this new Jake Cuenca's billboard in the road of Balintawak! Half-lying on the floor, Jake once proves that he is a tough sexy actor!

Shirtless, he shows his hard muscles. The body to die for which is the result of his long-time training in the gym! Hard at first, the result is as hard as his body!

Jake is actually one of the five guys who introduces the brand. After endorsing or after being one of the top Bench Body endorser, Jake now shows his blackwash OJ jeans with shirtless on top!

Well, this maybe some of the reason why traffics really became heavier along EDSA Balintawak. This is due to the one hot hunk hard sexy actor in the name of Jake Cuenca! Keep this 'harder' Jake! C",)

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