Monday, June 21, 2010

Kim and Melai on the PBB Magazine!

It a special PBB Big Winner edition on the cover of a magazine!

Yup, two big winners joined together via a special edition mag. It's the PBB Double-Up Big Winner Melissa Cantiveros and first season PBB Teen Edition Big Winner Kim Chiu were on the limited edition cover of the Pinoy Big Brother Magazine.

Actually after grabbing success, these two ladies shine the brightest. Kim Chiu is the hottest teen star today. Movies, TV series, and endorsements were already dominated by this young lady. She can even dance and sing as well!

On the other hand, they say that this new comedy lady will follow the footstep of Pokwang! Yup, they were definitely right! Melissa or Melai Cantiveros is really a promising comedy queen. She already filled our world with fun and laughter!

And of course, these two were part of the successful love teams. Kim Chiu together with her leading man Gerald Anderson forms the Kimerald while Melai together with Jason Francisco makes Melason!

And beside Kim and Melai, their sweethearts Gerald and Jason also have a special feature in this PBB edition. Another heartthrob Paul Jake Castillo also has a special feature regarding his single life.

So it's a one pink beautiful edition of PBB magazine with Melai and Kim on the cover! C",)

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