Thursday, January 20, 2011

Richard Gomez Opens the Year in Men's Health Magazine!

Veteran actor Richard Gutierrez graces the cover of Men's Health magazine for this month of January 2011!

Yup, Richard is the first cover guy of the said magazine for the year of 2011.

With the banner feature story of "New Year, New Plan...Strong, Slim, and Fit", the magazine's major topic will discuss different new plans on how to stay slim, strong, and fit!

Just like Richard which seems timeless in showbiz, he may share in this issue why he still stay in showbiz as one of the top leading man. His carer in showbiz and even his body is really strong! He has the so-called 'staying power'!

And looking him at the cover, he is fully wrap! Hmmm...I think it's better if Richard shows even just his abs! Or maybe he should wear sando that will show his muscles (if he has)! Hayz...this is some of the reasons why I didn't buy this month's edition of this magazine! Hehe...! It's very wholesome and didn't even dare to seduce me! C",)

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