Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Billboards Near the Hotels!

Do you know that I really feel very hot seeing these two sizzling billboards erected somewhere in EDSA?! Yup, these were up years ago. And these images created a remarkable heat in my human body!

These said billboards were posted near luxury hotels! Oh my, it seems that they were really tempting us to check-in in these luxury but cheap hotels. Gosh, it these hot yummy men were with me, go, go, go...!!! Let's go together! Let's go bidding on hotel rooms with the three of you! It's gonna be sooohhh irresistibly hot!

I imagine myself being with them for one, two, three, or more nights in a luxury hotel. A five star hotel which serves a luxury service, giving us an elegant ambiance, and good foods for the hungry stomach perfectly fitted me with these three yummy guys! Yup, we will stay in a hotel with one bed in one bedroom! We will having a three-some with the cool ambiance unleashes our sizzling flesh! One by one, while we were all lying in a soft bed in the luxury hotel, I will pull down their briefs using my mouth and my tongue! Ooohhh...ooooooohhhh...yeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!

I didn't exactly knew the two guys in the first billboard! But the only man in the second billboard is no other than Bruce Quebral! I like him specially his hot sexy yummy body! I want his abs and muscles! Their slowly seduce you...ooohhhh!!!!

And if time permitted, we will live altogether in that said luxury hotel! We will never rest...time to time, minute by minute, second to second...we will having a three way intercourse! Ooh-lala...! c",)

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