Monday, May 30, 2011

Extra Hot and Yummy Sam Milby!

My Sam Milby! He is truly hot and yummy!

The good thing about this guy is that he is so sexy! Yeah, with or without a cloth, he is sizzling hot! He is sooohhh yummy that you want to taste his body! That's why I really love him so much! He's my No. 1 crush inline with Gerald Anderson!

On the picture above is Papa Sam Milby wearing only a white sando. But as you can see, though wearing a sando and though not topless at all, he is still yummy that you really can't resist! And look at his muscles..."bakat na bakat!" I want to touch and hug it very tight! "Laglag talaga ang panty ko sa kanya...!!!" How about this next photo?!

This is Papa Sam's photoshoot for Cosmomen. Yup, Papa Sam Milby is the 2010 Cosmopolitan Bachelor! And I really love his topless body on the cover of the said mag! "Walang kasing sarap! Sagad-sagaran!"

And why do I love him?! For the wholesome reason, it's because of his cuteness! I love the way he speak! "Baluktot ang dila!" I love to argue with him! The way he speaks is like the way he says I Love You!

He is handsome! I love his face specially during the time that he is "balbas sarado!" "Nakakalibog!" Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh!!!!

And most of all, I love this guy because of his hotness and sexiness! I want his body! It always seduces me! If I have a boyfriend who's body is like Papa Sam, then we will have a sex all day and all night long! Ooohhhh...oooohhhhh...oooohhhhhh....!!!

Sam, Sam, Sam, oooohhhh Sam...Saaaaaahhhhhhhmmmm! I am now reaching my climax because of you! You are like a god! "Ang sarap mong luhuran oras-oras" Your body is awesome! Promise, "luluhuran ko 'yan minu-minuto ng walang belo!" Ahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh....!!! "Nararating ko na ang langit dahil s'yo Papa Sam!" Uuuhhhhh...!!!


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