Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Very Yummy Nude Dennis Trillo Showing His Tattoo

He is really irresistibly hot and yummy! My keyboard is now burning seeing this very sexy billboard of Papa Dennis Trillo! "Ang sarap-sarap niya dito!" He is already sexy and yummy while in clothes. What more when he's topless...?! underwear is falling now because of him! Gosh!

Actually this is the previous billboard of the Kapuso hunk actor Papa Dennis Trillo! It was even appeared in the centerfold of a magazine. If I'm not mistaken, this is from Him magazine (one of my favorite mag before)!

If I'm not also mistaken, Papa Dennis is endorsing a watch here. That's why he is topless and only his watch and his tattoo covered his hunky  body! OMG...I love his tattoo! It adds sexiness to him!

Oh yeah, I love a guy with a tattoo! They look very hot and yummy because of their tattoos! And they seem so wild because of tattoo. "Parang ang galing-galing nila sa kama" having this!

What more for Papa Dennis Trillo! You will eventually reach your climax...!!! "Gwapo na, masarap pa...!!! Awwww..." What more will you ask?! "Titigasan at mag-iinit ka talaga sa kanya...!!!"

Actually, Dennis Trillo is one of my showbiz crushes!  Because he is good looking, I like him! What more his body! I love him before because of his cuteness. But now, I love him more because of his hunky yummy body! I want to have sex with him! Ooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...oooohhhhhh...!!!!

Now I know why Jennelyn Mercado is very bitter of losing him! It's hard to let go a type of guy like Dennis! He is my dream boyfriend and hubby! If I were Jen, "magpapakangkang ako kay Dennis ng bonggang-bongga!" "Ang sarap niya sa kama...!!!" Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhhh...aaaaahhhhhh...!!!! And they say, Dennis really possesses a big 'manhood', a big cock! Aaaaaahhhh..aaaaahhh...aaaahhhh..."lalo akong nag-init p*t*h!"

Dennis..Dennis...Dennis...let's go and let's make a baby! Promise, I will give you my ultimate performance! Aaaaahhh...aaaahhh...aaaahhh...! I will taste your whole body from head to toe! "Kakainin ko 'yang ng buong-buong...!!!" Ooohhhhh...!!!! You are making my night sizzling hot! Aaaaahhhh...!!!!

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