Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Half-Naked Dennis Trillo Billboard for Aficionado!

This is also one of my favorite Dennis Trillo's billboard. This billboard was posted way back in 2006. This is Papa Dennis' billboard for the perfume called Aficionado!

I like this billboard! This is the first time I saw Dennis Trillo posed topless in a billboard! His hot tattoo on his bicep was exposed! "Ang sarap!" "Medyo bata pa si Papa Dennis dito" But still, "kitang-kita na ang potential sa kanya! He is so hot and yummy! "Katawan pa lang ulam na!"

I even kept a copy of this billboard from a newspaper! I cut it and kept it on my binder! "Ang sarap-sarap kase ni Papa Dennis Trillo kahit dati pa!" What more now, he is ultimately hot! You will easily reach your climax, you will get arouse seeing his body now! Ooohhh...ooohhh...I want to have a sex with him! Aaaaahhhhh...!!!!

Hayz...hope that Papa Dennis will pose again now in a new billboard! We're looking onto that! We want to see his yummy abs and muscles that will make our underwear drop! Aaaahhhh Dennis Trilloooohhhh...!!!! c",)

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