Friday, June 24, 2011

A Nude Ernesto Calzadilla in Climax Mag!

He's so hot and yummy! I can't resist his sexiness! Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhh...aaaahhhh...!!!

What can you feel if a sexy hot and hairy guy like him will pose nude in front of you?! Uuuuhhhh...uuuuuhhhhh..."ang hirap pigilin ang sarap...ooohhh!"

Male pageant model Ernesto Calzadilla go nude in Climax Magazine! Look at him, he is totally naked! His body covers with nothing! Just a hair all-over his body from top to bottom covers the sexiest part of his bod! Aaaaahhh...aaaaahhh...aaaahhhh...ang sarap!!

Ernesto...Ernesto...Ernestooohhh...I want to taste your body! I want to hug it very, very tight! And I will wet it using my bare-naked tongue! Oooohhhh....!!! "Buburotsahin ko ang lahat ng buhok mo sa katawan..!" Aaaaaahhhhh...

Ang sarap...ang sarap-sarap Ernesto! Ernestooohhhhh...!!!! Come and let's have a sex all night long!!! Uuuuhhhh...uuuuhhhh...uuuuhhhh...!!! I'm reaching my climax now because of this very hot Climax Magazine cover! Aaaaaahhhhh....!!!! c".)

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