Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sam Milby in Folded and Hung Holiday Collections (Part 3)!

More Papa Sam...more Papa Sam...mooore...!!! Yeah, here's more!

This is the third and the last part of our Sam Milby Folded and Hung Holiday Collections! A very gorgeous Mr. Sam Milby! Grab now your chance to take these new billboards of Sam Milby for F&H!

He is really cute and handsome! Either in formal or semi-formal wear, the fashion statement of Mr. Samuel Milby really fits him!

But why is he looks sad?! Is he longing for someone?! Is he waiting for his date?! Oh...can we volunter?! Can we volunter to be your date Papa Sam?! Let me make your cold night sizzling hot! And you will be happy afterward!

In any angle, in any mood, Sam Mllby looks nice, cute, and handsome! Undress or with dress, he is very sexy! He's one hot hunky man! Too yummy papa...! But here in this Folded and Hung Holiday Collections, Sam really looks like a boss in a corporate world! Hmmm...if Sam is my boss, I will be always present without any leaves or without any lates! Hahaha...! LOL!

As they say and as I feel, Sam Milby is a perfect boyfriend! A dream guy to everyone! How we all wish to have a man like Sam. A man who is a complete package just like Papa Sam!

How we all wish we could have Sam! I wish he is my Christmas gift! Or maybe a date for this special yuletide season! Sam...ooh Sam...uhhh...!!! We all want you! We really like you! Your smile, your mood, your eyes, your face, and most of all your hot sexy body...we want it all from you Papa Sam!

Keep it up Papa Sam! Looking forward for more new billboards from you this coming year! God bless idol! Sam Milby...our dream guy! Happy Holidays! C",)

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