Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Very Seductive Dingdong Dantes Billboard!

It's really soooh hot and seductive! We will really burn to the highest level seeing this almost naked billboard of Dingdong Dantes!

Yup, this is the previous billboard of Dingdong Dantes for Bench Body! As you can see, Dingdong Dantes has no clothes at all! Just a white blanket covers his lower part! Uhhh...uhhhh...OMG Dingdong...uhhhmmmm...!!!

His sexiness is really exposed in this billboard! You will really see his burning hot chest, abs, and muscles! It seems that Dingdong is really seducing you! Uhhh...uhhh...Dingdong, oh Dingdong...ahhhh...!!! So yummy! We really can't resist him!

Almost everybody were looking at this billboard during the time that it was posted in EDSA Guadalupe! Everybody wants to kiss and lick the sexy body of Dingdong! Uhhh...uhhhh...uhhhhmmm...! More Dingdong...more...ahhhh..ahhhh...!!! It seems that we were reaching our climax now because of youuuuhhh...!!!

But wait, who's hand is pulling your white cover?! How we wish we posses that hand! And we will uncover you and hold you too tight! We will never let you go Dingdong! We will share more and more steaming hot nights together uhhh...!!! 'Sarap'...ahhhh!

Dong...dong...ooohhhh Dong! Your yumminess is truly irresistible! We're getting wet right now because of you! Uhhhh...oooohhh Dong...ohhh...Dong...Donnnngggg....ahhhh...!!! 'Ang sarap-sarap moooohhhh...'! C",)

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