Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sam Milby in Folded and Hung Holiday Collections (Part 1)!

Now let us go to the Male Holiday Collections of Folded and Hung! This time, the cute and hunky Prince of Romance and Acoustic Heartthrob Mr. Sam Milby endorses the collections!

Let's take a quick glance to his new set of billboards:

For the first time in Folded and Hung, we see Sam Milby wrapped with clothes. Not only a plain clothes but a set of formal wears! He is so cute! Very handsome! Love it! Yeah!

It you will notice, this is only our Part 1 of Sam Milby's F&H Holiday Collections! Yup, there is more! Many more of this hunky idol! Actually this is only the first part of our three part special of Sam Milby's holiday wears.

Just like Ms. Angel Locsin, Sam Milby looks very formal in his outfit! It looks like he's a Corporate man in his attires! A very handsome corporate boss having a coffee break in a cafe! Did he had a special someone for date? Or he's waiting for someone to come?! How we all wish we are the one he's looking for! Oh! We really like to have a date with Mr. Cute Nice Guy Sam Milby!

Well, this is only the first part! I have two more set to come! Exciting! Loving you Papa Sam...! C",)

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