Friday, November 5, 2010

Will It Be Finally A Farewell to Kimerald?!

"Farewell Kimerald"! This is the current banner feature of StarStudio magazine for this month of November 2010 pertaining to Kimerald!

We couldn't deny the fact that the loveteam of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson is facing challenges and difficulties. A third party seems to broke this hottest loveteam of our generation!

But though Kimerald is facing a great challenge in their relationship, their latest movie which is "Till My Heartaches End" is still a blockbuster hit! More and more fans were supporting this loveteam. They are still loyal fans of Kimerald even though this hottest loveteam cannot anymore be together in real life!

Do you think "Till My Heartaches End" will be their final movie?! Could this be the last time we can see Kimerald together?!

Well, it's still up to them! Though they were breaking and moving apart, Kimerald is still the best love team ever! No one can replace them! And if they will work alone individually, they were still both hot stars! Kimerald or Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson alone, they were still be the hot names in the industry! Keep it up kIm and Gerald! C",)

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