Monday, November 15, 2010

Is it a 'Hot' Solemn Heussaff in Women's Mag?!

Since the main topic of this November 2010 issue of Women's Health Magazine, are we expecting a hotter and sexier Solemn Heussaff?!

Yup, the "Survivor Philippines" Celebrity castaway Solemn Heussaff is the latest cover girl of this Women's Health magazine! And the major topic is all about gaining a hot body!

With the banner title of "Hot Body Fast", expect more and more features about making our body hot, slim and sexy! As you can see on this cover, topics like gaining our mother's body, stress less, and fitness guides were some of the features that support the main topic! What more, there are also articles about health and sex! "Same Guy, Better Sex" and "Love Plan for the Holidays" were some of the instances!

But one thing I like to ask, why is it Solemn is so wrapped here if the topic is all about a 'hot body'?! Hmmm...or maybe she will feel cold if she will take her clothes off! Haha! C",)

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