Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Under the Mask of Wendell Ramos!

Very sizzling hot and yummy...!!! Ohh-lala!

This is the hunk actor Wendell Ramos during the Bench Uncut Fashion Show! Wearing a black mask on his face with a black cloth that covers his 'private property', Wendell looks a sexy hot superhero!

His upper body is exposed! We really love the cuts on his chest and on his abs! Uhhh...uhhh Wendell, you're so tempting! Ooohhh...ohhhhh...we're getting hotter and hotter because of your sexy and seductive body! Aaahhh...aaaahhhh...we're reaching our climax now! Uhhhh...!!!

The theme of this fashion show of Bench Body is futuristic! Actually the underwear of the models were also those garments they wear on the Bench Holiday Billboards! Yup, on my next post, I will expose to you the sexy hot billboards of these hot models for Bench Holiday! Right now, let's all feed our fantasy for Wendell!

Though we are on the cold season of November, we really feel very, very hot because of you Wendell! We want to take you out! And we really, really tempted to undress you! Ooohhh...ohhhh...mooore...!!! Mooore Wendell...mooore...ohhhhh..ohhhh...!!! We're starting to cu*! It's already wet here in our place! Ooooohhh...!!! C",)

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