Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The 'Bulge' of Marco Alcaraz in X-Ray Folio!

We were already in the cold season of yuletide! But for now, I'll make our season extra steaming with hotness with our continuation of exploring the X-Ray Folio Magazine! This time, let's explore the sexy hunk actor Marco Alcaraz!

Ooh-lala...can you see it?! Can you see the tendiness of Marco! OMG...Marco's 'bulge' is so large! Awwww...It keeps on coming out from his trunks! Oh seducing! "Grabe, bakat na bakat..."! Uhhh...uhhhh...all of us were really feeling so hot! Our hands, our eyes, this keyboard I'm using right now is's burning...oohhh...ohhhh...and it's because of you Marco!

Yup, this is his two-page image in the special edition of X-Ray Folio magazine which came out almost two months ago! It's perfect! Marco's body is full of hotness, sexiness, and yumminess! What more his 'pet' inside his brief! It's so large that everybody wants to touch it, kiss it, lick it, and make it larger! Oohhh...oohhhhh...uhhhhh...Marco....Marcoooooohhhhhh....!!! Your 'bulge' really makes us reach our climax! It's so arousing....uhhhhh....!!!

Your girlfriend Precious Lara Quigaman is so very lucky of you! Imagine, she got a yummy hot sexy boyfriend with a large 'sausage'!!! It's perfect! She already got a complete package! Oh Precious, take good care of Marco if you don't want him to move away from you! Of course...specially his large 'pet'! Hehe...

Marco...Marco...uhhhhh Marcooooohhhhh....! Can we take you out tonight?! And we promise that we really take good care of your 'pet'! Promise, your 'pet' will become larger, larger, and larger that will keep us all satisfy! Marcoooohhhhh...!!! C",)

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  1. bossing meron kang xray ni prince stefan? post namn ung pics. thank u. more power 2 d blog!



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