Friday, November 5, 2010

A Sexy Hot Jennylyn Mercado in Rogue Magazine!

A brand new image of Ms. Jennylyn Mercado will be seen in this November 2010 issue of Rogue Magazine! A very beautiful and sexy hot Jennylyn Mercado graces the cover!

Jennylyn is wearing an all black swimsuit-like with a long sleeve clothes! Her beauty and sexiness were really reveal in this cover!

What more...two animals were her in the cover! Are these animals dogs or wolfs?! What do you think?!

The cover of Rogue magazine for this month seems inspired by an ice age. Yup, the background of the magazine emphasizes a polar place, a cold place with many ice! What more, the two wolfs or dogs were with her!

Did Jennylyn Mercado didn't feel cold in this place since she is already wearing a swimsuit?! Hmmm...!!!

Since ice or a cold place is the theme of this magazine, they were perfect for the season! Yup, since we are now on the yuletide or Christmas season, expect that snow or ice is the cover theme of many magazines!

What can you say about this former first Starstruck Ultimate Survivor? Did she seems very hot?!

If you were to ask me, yup Jennylyn Mercado is improving! She is growing now into a sexier and more beautiful lady! I remember then my college close friend and my sidekick with Jennylyn. Yup in college, she is Jennylyn Mercado, the sidekick of Angel Locsin! C",)

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