Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sexy Hot Abs of Joem Bascon in MH!

OMG...Joem Bascon is super hot in this Men's Health magazine! Ooh yeah!

Yup, this is the September 2009 issue of Men's Health magazine wherein the sexy hot hunk actor Joem Bascon is in the cover! Did you know that this is my first Men's Health magazine collection?!

Yup, this was my very first MH magazine! When I saw Joem Bascon showing his ultimate hot, sexy, and yummy abs, I immediately grab a copy of it! Though he is not totally topless, his open polo showing his hot abs captures my attention!

This leads me to collect more and more Men's Health magazine! Until now, I'm an avid collector of MH magazine! Every month, I always grab a copy of this magazine! And many thanks to Joem Bascon. If he did not show his sexy abs and yummy chest, I won't be an avid collector of this MH mag! Haha...!

I really admire Joem! I really love his sexy hot body! Though he is playing villain in many of his teleserye just like in "Noah" where he plays the greedy Judah, I still like Joem! He is oozing with charm and sex appeal! He's body is so gorgeous! How we all wish to touch and lick that body! He could really catch up your attention! He can easily put you in climax! Uhhh...uhhhh...Joem...uhhmmmm...!!! As they say, Joem is 'lalaking-lalaki'!

Joem, Joem, ohhhh...!!! You're soooo yummy! You're one hot papa! We really love your sexiness! Jooooohhhhhhemmm....ahhhhh...ahhh...!!! 'Sobrang sarap mo talaga...!' He's so seductive that can easily arouse you! Uhhh...! C",)

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