Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Jake Cuenca's Nude Body Spray Billboards! hot and yummy! You're burning sooh hot in this cold season!!

These were the two naked billboards of the sexy hunk actor Jake Cuenca for Bench Body Spray! Yup, these were part of the recently launched Bench Trio Scents by this famous clothing brand. Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu endorsed the sweet scents while these two burning hot scents were for Jake!

These two body spray scents perfectly fit Jake Cuenca. As their names suggest, "Exposed" and "Undress", Jake Cuenca's sexiness is exposed since he has no clothes at all! Of course since he is naked, he is definitely undress! Uhhh....soooh burning hot! Super hotness and yumminess Jake Cuenca is in these billboards! Ohhhh...ohhh...he's so tempting and irresistible!

Actually, majority of Jake Cuenca's billboards were super hot and sexy! He shows all his gorgeous abs and muscles in almost all of his billboards! And these two were the latest! Though he is not endorsing here a brief or an underwear, he still posed so nude and sexy! Jake...Jake...ahhhhhh...ahhhhhh...sarappp...!!!

These two billboards capture most of the people's attention in EDSA! They keep on looking for this nude hot and sexy Jake! Hayz Jake, you're the cause of many accidents! Hahaha...!!!

Jake show more please...uhhh...! We're getting thirsty because of your ultimate hot body! Uhhh...uhhhh...Jakeee...coool!!!!! Uhhh...!!! We're burning so hot right now seeing those two billboard exposing your body!!! Sooh hot..!!! C",)


  1. sa susunod na magpapicture ka,hubarin mo na lahat para malaman namin kuna gaano kalaki ang penis mo.

  2. very nice and sexy



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