Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet Hideo Muraoka, A Very Hot Folded and Hung Model!

I really feel very, very hot seeing the different billboards of Folded and Hung! Specially this hunk Brazilian-Japanese model, I quickly reach my climax seeing his oohhh...sooohh hot body! Awww..!

He is Hideo Muraoka, a Brapanese model! He is one of the hottest hunk model-endorser of Folded and Hung! Uhhhh...uhhhh...Hideohhhhh...!

He got a very gorgeous yummy body! Your temperature will really rise to the fullest seeing his many different half-naked billboards!

Well, before your pants totally slide down, allow me first to share with you some of his very hot F&H billboards! Here you go:

Actually the first billboard of Folded and Hung I saw wherein he is the model is the one wherein he is lying down naked in yellow sofa! Yup, don't worry 'cause I will also share with you those billboards on my later post just watch it out!

For the meantime, satisfy your cravings and feed your wildest fantasies with some of these F&H billboards of Hideo! Ooh-lala...!

Hideo is really steamy yummy! He is the dream of many! How we all wish we can take him home...that he can be with us in bed! Uhhhh...uhhh...Hideo..Hideooohhh...ahhhh...!!!

How among you didn't want to taste and lick Hideo's hot body?! Hideo...Hideooohhhh...morehhhhh...uhhhh...! We are really burning very, very hot because of you! Ahhhh....!!!

So sad because I have read on his FB account that he is already married to Fatima and already had a child! But it's not a problem! You are still hot and yummy! Your wife is very, very lucky of you! We still want to have a child with you...! Uhhh...uhh...Hideohhhh...come with us...! We really want to taste you! Uhhh!!! C",)

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