Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Hot Topless JC De Vera!

OMG...he is really hot and yummy! Uhhh...!!!

This is JC De Vera's one of the hot shot in Men's Magazine! Yeah, if you can still recall, JC became a cover of Men's Health Magazine two month's ago. He shared with us his denim outfit and how he handles his own fashion!

Inside the said mag particularly in its centerfold, JC got many photoshots. Some were topless! Ohh...yeah! And this is an example of his sexy hot topless magazine photo!

I like his body! It's gorgeously hot and sexy! He got a perfect abs and wonderful muscles! How we all wish to touch his body! How can imagine touching his upper body, it will really cause burn to our hands! Uhhh...uhhh..JC....ahhhh...!!! Ohhhh...yeah....!

JC De Vera is perfect! As they say, he is a complete package! Having a handsome face and a sexy hot yummy body, tell me how complete he is! Oh my...oh my...he's so burning hot! Our temperature is really rising to the fullest! Ahhhh...ahhhh...ohhh-yeah...!!!

JC De Vera's topless body is too hot to handle and too sexy and yummy to taste! Uhhh...uhhh...! I really like this JC's shot! I already added his Men's Health magazine in my many collections! Nice one JC! You're gorgeous, you're burning hot, you're seductive, you're sexy, you're yummy...pagkasarap-sarap! Ooh-lala...!!! C",)

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