Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rainier Castillo Goes Sexier in X-Ray Folio!

As promised, I will shared with you all the hottest men featured in the latest X-Ray Folio magazine!

After I started with its back-to-back cover wherein Joross Gamboa and Luis Alandy were in the cover, we followed to explore its content. The sexy yummy Rodjun Cruz started our meatier quest inside the magazine. After him, here's the second hunk. Get ready to see the brand new Rainier Castillo!

Yup, this is the photo image of former starstruck runner-up Rainier Castillo. Unlike the other guys in the mag, Rainier only shows his top body part. We only see his now sexy chest, breast, and biceps. Oh so sad, we failed to see his abs and his lower body parts!

But though this is only shown for Rainier, we can easily see his sexiness! Yup, Rainier now is turning to be another sexy bachelor coming from the artista search. Just like Prince Stefan and Joross Gamboa, we surprised to see a brand new sexier Rainier Castillo. He is now turning to be a mature man! Ooh...!!!

Ooh-lala...Rainier...uhhh are sooohhh yummy now! You are getting sexier and yummier everyday! You are now starting seducing us...uhhh..uhhhh...go ahead..uhhh yeah! Rainier...Ranier...uhhh...boy...!!! The boy is now turning to be a man....a very hot man...uhhh!! The baby is now starting to produce a baby...!!!! this to this to us...uhhhh...Rainierrrr!!! You are really yummy though you make us 'bitin' with your magazine shot! Uhhh...!!!! C",)

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