Thursday, October 28, 2010

Semi-Formal Coco Martin in Green Garage Mag!

Want to see a sexy hunk 'Indie Prince' actor in semi-formal attire?! Well' he's here in this month's edition of Garage mag!

Coco Martin is the cover hunk of Garage magazine for this month of October 2010! As you can see, he is so formal! And take note, he is wrapped with clothes! Would it be your first time to see Coco Martin not nude or not showing or baring any skin?!

Oh Coco, Oh Coco...oohhh..! As they say, Coco is still looking hot and cute even though he is not nude! His face is angelic cute and handsome! And his body...his's really a panty droping! Awww...!!!

Coco is very wholesome here. His attire which has a shade of green perfectly blends with this month color theme of Garage. Yup, green is the flavor of the month! Of course, their topic is still more about fashion and styles!

I'm so curious with their main feature for this month! The banner title says "Fall Legend"! What does it means?! Will it means falling in love, falling on traps, or falling of panties or underwears?! Haha...Definitely the third one is correct! Yup, since Coco Martin is in the cover, expect that your pants and underwears will really fall! Hahaha...! "Makalaglag panty talaga si Coco..."!!!! Rapsa! C",)

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