Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Living Large' with Jake Cuenca!

It's so nice to live large with this super sexy hot hunk Jake Cuenca! Uhhh....!

Jake Cuenca is the current cover guy of Celebrity Living magazine for this month of October!

As the title suggest, Celebrity Living is a magazine featuring the home and lifestyle of different celebrities! And Jake's living and lifestyle is the main feature in this magazine. Of course, other more celebrities were also featured in this mag!

Is there's something new in this mag?! What's the big difference?! Yeah, the cover guy itself, Jake Cuenca is so different! Did you noticed?! Jake is very wholesome here! Unlike in his previous magazines or billboards, Jake shows all his body almost nude and naked! His sexiness and hotness were exposed rising up the temperature of every viewer! But here look at him, very, very wholesome! He is wearing a pink shirt with no any skin exposed except for his face!

Though very wholesome and wrapped, Jake's cuteness and good-looking appearance were still seen! Nice! I love how the way he smile!

In this magazine though he didn't expose his sexy hot body, expect that he will expect something...something 'large' large to live for...! Yeah, this is his...his...his home! Haha! He will expose his beautiful wide home which is a product of his hardships! According to him, "Make the most of what you have and live large..."! you wonder how 'large' is Jake's 'property'?! I'm thinking...! Hehehe...! C",)

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