Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Topless Ahron Villena for Walker Underwear!

You want more of Ahron Villena's hotness...?! Yeah...I'll give you more! As promise, here are some to satisfy your desire and feed your fantasy! Ooh yeah!

Ahron Villena is the new endorser of Walker briefs and men's underwear. Just like Jericho Rosales and Alfred Vargas, he is too hot, sexy, yummy, and seductive that will make your temperature rise the fullest!

I love his body now! It's too gorgeously yummy! At first he is so handsome. What more now, besides being handsome, he is now sexier and meatier! Uuhhh...uhhhh...ooh-la-la...!

I can't imagine that Ahron will be sooh sexy like this! Yeah, I admire him before because of his great look! But what more now?! Now that he got a very steamy yummy body, what will you expect from me??! Uhhhh....!!!

Hayz...Ian Batherson is so lucky with him! 'Kainggit...'! Haha! Yeah, Ian and Ahron is one the hottest pairs in showbiz today! Do you familiar with RonYan, a combination of their names just like a loveteam?

Yup, Ian and Ahron is now being accused of having a 'relationship' or having an affair! Yeah, the so-called 'Bromance', a BRO-Romance! That intrigue came from their reality show "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown" wherein they were both castaways! What do you think?!

Before we discuss more on Ahron and Ian, let's take a glance first on the other photos of Ahron wearing the undershirt of Walker! Here below:

Topless or with shirt, Ahron is still sexy! His body and abs were still seen underneath these shirts!! Uhhh...uhhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhron...!!!

They say, "bagay daw sina Ahron at Ian" since they two were both handsome, hot, and yummy! "Walang lugi sa kanila..."! 'Kainggit'! Another hahaha...!!!

How about you believe in this Ahron-Ian love affair?! Actually, there is now a fanpage named RonYan or "AhrIan" in Facebook which supports their love team! Will you be one of them?!

Oh yeah, Ian Batherson is really so very lucky having Ahron Villena! I wish...!!!

But still, Ahron is very hot and yummy! We all wish we can take him out! Hope to take him and sleep together with him in bed! And we were all salivating to taste lick his sexy swallow his big cock...! Uhhhh...uhhhhh....mooore ahron...moooree...ahhhh...ahhhh...Aaaaahhhhrooonnn...!!

Get wet, feel so hot, and feed your desire with more and more Ahron Villena's shirtless and almost naked boards on my next post! Ohhhhh....uhhhhhh...I know you're really excited! Uhhhh...uhhhh...aahhh...ahhh...Aaahhhhhhrronnn....Aaahhhhhron...!!! 'Sarap'! Uhhhh...yeah...!!! C",)

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